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Dave is involved in community issues and activities. He can't make it to all, but these are on his list!

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The View from City Hall
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Sometimes It's The Small Things That Count

July 24, 2017

Page IconIt's just a small "win" but getting maps included in e-notices from City Hall are just one of the steps we can take to make information more useful for residents.

The Positive Stories of Heritage in St. John's

July 13, 2017

Page IconDespite some losses in our built heritage collection, there is a lot of work ongoing to save and enhance other properties. A newly renovated property on Rennie's Mill Road is a perfect example.

Despite Losses, the City is Working to Protect Its Heritage

June 5, 2017

Page IconWhile losses are very disheartening for those of us who value our heritage, Dave Lane has been advocating for change and has made progress in the past four years.

Council Just Cut Taxes. But Wait, There’s More!

December 22, 2016

Page IconWe didn’t just cut taxes almost back to where they were before last year’s budget (which is awesome in its own right). We’ve also fundamentally changed the way City Hall operates.

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