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Where's Dave Next?

Dave is involved in community issues and activities. He can't make it to all, but these are on his list!

If you have an event you would like Dave to attend, please get in touch!

The View from City Hall
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We Can Save Richmond Cottage Together

March 16

Page IconThis is not a sentence to demolition, it's an opportunity to find a new owner for this incredible heritage property.

Why St. John's Budget Was So Insane This Year

January 1

Page IconThe City of St. John’s City Council just released a pretty intense budget. I’m one of the guys on that Council, so I want to explain what happened.

Why I Voted Against St. John's 2016 Budget

December 15

Page IconOur budget was a tough one, and caught many people and groups off guard. Our communications lockdown in the final weeks shook my confidence in our fiscal decisions.

Why Aren't We Talking About the City's Budget?

December 9

Page IconIt's such an important, complex document that St. John's budget needs to be presented in full, as a complete and comprehensive package.

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