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What is Council Doing About Cycling?

It might not be obvious, but there has been quite a bit of progress with Council's support of cycling. Take a read to see what's been happening.
Written by Dave Lane at 10:38
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Update on the St. John's Bike Task Force

Progress continues on the Task Force's mandate to suggest how St. John's can be more cyclist-friendly. Dave shares a few steps (pedals?) taken already.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:42

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St. John’s Cycling Pilot Project a Success (Sort of)

Our city’s new Bike Task Force proposed a cycling pilot project last month that was roundly defeated in Council. Where to from here?
Written by Dave Lane at 14:43
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What's up with the St. John's Cycling Plan?

St. John's cycling infrastructure (lanes and trails) are not up to the standard most would like. The good news is we're finally starting to talk solutions.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:20
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St. John's Has to Strengthen its Bike Lane Network

St. John's is once again exploring and debating its cycling network. Why should we have cycling lanes, and what should we do to enhance them? Councillor Dave Lane offers his view.
Written by Dave Lane at 17:55

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