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Start It Up! Startup Weekend NL is happening in St. John's

There's a cool, weekend-long startup "bootcamp" happening in St. John's, and the City is a big supporter. Check out how Startup NL is helping entrepreneurs!
Written by Dave Lane at 14:08

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Press Release: NATI, Startup St. John's, and Common Ground mean a Smarter St. John's

Dave Lane supports Startup St. John’s Common Ground initiative as a positive development towards a “smarter St. John’s.” Read on to learn more...
Written by Vote Dave Lane at 07:20

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St. John's doesn't need jobs - St. John's needs people

Dave recently went to see Don Mills of CEO of Corporate Research Associates, where he predicted that NL's unemployment rate will drop to national average in the next 5-10 years. Is St. John's ready for a labour crunch?
Written by Dave Lane at 17:49

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Public Transit is Essential

In response to a Telegram Op-Ed that argues against investing in public transit, Dave explained that public transit is about enabling and sustaining a vibrant and inclusive economy, and that we need a system that works for everyone.
Written by Dave Lane at 10:36

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