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Where's the New St. John's Municipal Plan?

St. John's has been working on a new version of its Municipal Plan since 2012, and it's almost finished; here's an update on its progress.
Written by Dave Lane at 10:45

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Working With Developers to Improve Our Communities

As Council makes a final vote on the Kenmount Terrace apartments proposal, Dave is working with the developer to ensure they give the community more than just buildings.
Written by Dave Lane at 08:09

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The Light House Project - Why I Voted ‘Yes’

On October 21, 2013, St. John's Council voted to essentially approve a new development downtown. It was a controversial issue, as there were a number of aspects of this proposal that are disconcerting to many people. Dave Lane voted "yes" and here's his explanation as to why.
Written by Dave Lane at 13:00

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How to see the city for the trees

When people who are passionate about what they do are given the freedom to create places they love - and then open them for all to enjoy - that's when our city grows.
Written by Dave Lane at 11:16

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St. John's Plan - The Guiding Principles

Dave is on the Municipal Plan Review Advisory Group and is discussing with that committee the proposed principles for the eventual Plan. These were determined by YOU in many public meetings and opportunities to have a say in the future of our city.
Written by Dave Lane at 04:38

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