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An Historic Opportunity to Ensure We Have Excellent Development Regulations

There is an information session August 29th about the City's draft Development Regulations. This isn't enough engagement on the document and Dave is calling for more public input.
Written by Dave Lane at 08:03

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How Can the City Better Engage the Public?

Improving public engagement at City Hall has been a big focus of Dave's. There's lots left to do, but read what has been done and share your feedback!
Written by Dave Lane at 14:54

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My speech explaining my vote on the Ladysmith Drive apartments proposal

On October 27, St. John's Council voted to allow the development of three, four-story apartment buildings. Dave voted to approve the development amidst residents' concerns. Please read his explanation here.
Written by Dave Lane at 12:48

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What do you think? Apartment building proposed for Clovelly on Stavanger Drive

An apartment building is proposed for the area where Clovelly Trails subdivision meets Stavanger Drive commercial district. Residents do not want it - what do you think?
Written by Dave Lane at 12:00

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