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Budget 2018 Speech

This is the speech read by Councillor Dave Lane announcing the 2018 City of St. John's budget.
Written by Dave Lane at 09:51
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My speech explaining my vote on the Ladysmith Drive apartments proposal

On October 27, St. John's Council voted to allow the development of three, four-story apartment buildings. Dave voted to approve the development amidst residents' concerns. Please read his explanation here.
Written by Dave Lane at 12:48

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Why I Voted to Approve An Apartment Building in Clovelly Trails

There was a very controversial vote in Council today to approve or reject a 71 unit apartment building next to Clovelly Trails subdivision. Residents were very much against it, but Dave still voted for it. Here's his reasoning.
Written by Dave Lane at 22:45

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In case you missed it: St. John's is becoming more engaging.

The City has announced an important milestone in its development of better public engagement. Dave informed council on December 2, 2013 that the City is embarking on the creation of a Public Engagement Framework that will guide our interaction with the public for years to come.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:00

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My statement to council regarding the Light House Project

On October 21, 2013, a motion was made in St. John's City Council to draft amendments to our development regulations allowing a proposed downtown development to violate height and density limits. Here is what Councillor Dave Lane said in advance of his vote.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:00

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