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My statement to council regarding the Light House Project

On October 21, 2013, a motion was made in St. John's City Council to draft amendments to our development regulations allowing a proposed downtown development to violate height and density limits. Here is what Councillor Dave Lane said in advance of his vote.
Written by Dave Lane at 21:00

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Today's the day to #VoteDaveLane!

The campaign to elect Dave Lane to a Councillor at Large seat in St. John's has been long and exciting. Today's the climax of the entire affair - have YOU voted?
Written by Dave Lane at 11:43

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Dave Lane Has Voted! Have You?

Dave cast his ballot for the 2013 St. John's Municipal Election. Consider he's running for councillor-at-large, it wasn't a tough decision ;)
Written by Dave Lane at 13:52

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