A quick overview of my platform

Over the past four years or so I have been spending my free time working with various community groups, associations, and my own volunteer organization, Happy City, to understand how our city works and how to make it better for everyone. (Learn more about me here.)

Informed by my experience with these organizations, I've developed a set of principles and policy directions. Now that I'm running for councillor at large in St. John's, it's important that I make my views clear to voters so you can make an informed choice.

Click here to read my platform.

In a nutshell, I believe that our city will be better if we are all given an opportunity to express our views and contribute to decision making. I've shown that there are effective ways to engage the public through the initiatives of Happy City—both online and in public meetings. I intend to bring these approaches with me to City Hall.

I believe we can find a balance between development and heritage, as I demonstrated by coordinating a document of shared values between the St. John's Board of Trade, Downtown St. John's, and the Newfoundland Historic Trust.

Our traffic and parking issues can be addressed with an intergrated public transit system that sees an improved bus system, better bike and walking trails, and park-and-ride systems that connect popular parts of town. (Read my letter to the Telegram defending public transit.)

The cost of living is rising as our economy changes, and we need to focus on creating and maintaining housing that is affordable for everyone. We can do this by continuing to support housing projects, exploring "means testing" for seniors and others, and by developing our neighbourhoods responsibly to reduce service costs.

If we plan ahead—if we listen to each other and work with the future in mind—we can create a city that has lower taxes, attracts investment, and has a sustainable economy.

I know we can achieve this, and I intend to work with council, city staff, and all citizens to realize our city's potential.

Be sure to read my detailed platform here.

Written by Dave Lane at 17:00

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