A Day at the Lake... And in the Tank!

We all know that our city of St. John's is a special one, and we get another reminder of that on the first Wednesday of August each year.

This year's Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake was the 195th annual occurance of the event, and it remains the oldest organized sporting event in North America.

I took a trip down to take it all in, as I have pretty well every year since I was a kid. But this year was a little different.

Dave Getting Dunked!

That's right - I got DUNKED!

As part of an excellent fundraiser for Young Adult Cancer Canada (the same folks who organize "Shave for the Brave"), I was the first in line to be dunked by passers-by (and supposed "friends...") ;)

Other dunkees included Paddy Daly from VOCM's Backtalk, J-Lac from K-Rock, my incredible colleague and friend, Don-E Coady from Dc Design House, and even the Mayor, Dennis O'Keefe. Kevin Casey from Idea Factory also went in the tank after spending a lot of energy to help promote and make this event event a success.

Bernard Davis, who's running for Ward 4 in this year's election, was second in line. So to warm up after a few cold dips, I took a few swings at him! Who says I can't play fair with fellow candidates for council?

Dave takes a shot at Bernie Davis

Bernie's a great sport, as were all the contenders. Congrats and kudos to all who went in the tank!

Written by Dave Lane at 15:30

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