Dave Lane Interviewed on CBC's On Point (VIDEO)

This past weekend, CBC's political analysis show, "On Point," explored the issue of youth engagement in politics - specifically regarding municipal elections. Dave was interviewed, along with Donavan Taplin - a 19-year-old candidate on Bell Island - to discuss their views of youth in local politics.

Lane stated that, while at the age of 31 he is one of the youngest candidates running in St. John's municipal election, he has plenty of experience to back him up.

"When you love your community, you get involved," Lane said, agreeing with Taplin. "Myself, I'm already on three City Hall committees," he said.

And to support his view that youth are, indeed, engaged, he noted that "I have 100 people volunteering for my campaign, and 75% of them are between the ages of 25 and 35."

When asked why he decided to run, Lane said "the main reason is that I love this city, the city I was born and raised in," and told the story of the formation of Happy City, a group he founded in 2010 to help encourage citizen engagement in the municipal decision making process.

He later added, "I want to make my life a contribution to the city."

You can watch the interivew here, and it begins at 8:40 mark.

Dave on On Point

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