Today's the day to #VoteDaveLane!

It was about five months ago when a crowd of around 75 people braved the drizzle and fog to attend the launch event for Vote Dave Lane. It was the start of something exciting.

Dave speaking at campaign launch

Since then, our team of youthful volunteers (about 100 people signed up to help out) has led a movement to elect a person who has a vision for St. John's that is inclusive and forward-looking.

This is a time of major change in our city. Our economy is booming, our population is growing (and aging), and there are developments occurring at an unprecedented rate.

We need a strong, steady voice at City Hall who will listen to citizens to help guide our growth and create a sustainable, livable, happy city for the next generation.

I believe I am that voice. I have been working for years to encourage and facilitate public dialogue in St. John's, and with your help we can integrate this approach to decision making directly into City Hall.

As the hours count down to the counting of ballots, I want to say thank you to my core team of talented, enthusiastic organizers.

To the dozens of volunteers who went door-to-door, dropped off flyers, handed out buttons, wore t-shirts, and spread the word about this election - THANK YOU! You have made a major contribution not only to our campaign but to democracy in general.

And to everyone who requested lawn signs, shared facebook posts and tweets, and voted for Dave Lane - thank you for the support and encouragement. There has been wind in my sails from the get go, and I couldn't have done this without you.

For those of you who have NOT voted - don't delay! Get information on where to vote here, and get in touch if you would like a ride to the polling station!

The election may be ending today but there is so much more to come, no matter what the result. Please stay in touch - share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with me and I will continue to push for a progressive, modern, global city that is the city of our dreams!

Dave Lane will hit the ground running

The final stretch! Dave will hit the ground running :)

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